24 Oct Fajr Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Begins 06:03 12:50 15:17 17:53 19:16
Timetable & Calendar Jama'ah 06:30 13:30 15:45 17:58 19:45

Last year we Commemorated by raising the flag at the Town Hall with the CEO, leader of the council and other Councillors. It was also attended by local Voluntary, Community & Faith Groups. It was also attended by a Holocaust Survivor who shared her experiences with us. This year 2020, We are unable to hold a big event due to the COVID epidemic…

But We Still Remember…!

“We pray to almighty God,
May grievance become hope,
May revenge become Justice,
May Mothers’ tears become prayers,
That Srebrenica never happens again
To no one, no where”.